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The Jordan 6s with the sting in its energetic green. This is a very clean color combination for the Nike Air Jordan 6, its colours are easy to match with most outfits. A touch of green like this is enough to spark and balance the blue and white.

green / leather / purple / white

The vivid pink for the vivid Js. High i contrast, reserved for ladies, these Nike Air Jordans are, made to make heads turn. The jumpman logo on the bright grape ground is a delicate detail to notice in the otherwise strong visual color-play.

black / leather / purple / white

The Classic Jordan 5 silhouette in Black, Fierce Purple and Ember Glow. This is an interesting color combination for tis shoe, its stylish in its black with its fierce purple as an energetic sting, Ember Glow works like its cream ontop referencing the Bulls red assumingly.

black / leather / purple / red / synthetic

This is a very playful and stylish way to play with the silhouette through this colouring of the Nike Air Jordan 12. This rich Black against the gold eyelets get challenged by this vivid Hyper Violet, and works out really well in the end. By cutting out a own playful silhouette in the Jordan 12 silhouette, the Hyper Violet is …