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The earthy, subtle and elegant colours combined on these Nike Air Jordan 12’s, are not only proving to display a refined sense of colours, but also being among the great designs in sneaker culture. The Jordan 12s are a standout master piece, not only among Nike Basketball shoes, but of the Jordans series as well.

beige / leather / pink

As Nike and the world thought that Michael Jordan had left the NBA for good, Nike air Jordan 10 lists Jordans great accomplishments in the stripes of its outsole. In this version, the stripes come in Pink and Black where the Black holds the shoe together and makes the Pink the more charachteristc color of this shoe.

black / leather / orange / pink / white

This is a very playful and stylish way to play with the silhouette through this colouring of the Nike Air Jordan 12. This rich Black against the gold eyelets get challenged by this vivid Hyper Violet, and works out really well in the end. By cutting out a own playful silhouette in the Jordan 12 silhouette, the Hyper Violet is …

gold / pink / purples /