Merrell Pure Glove Women’s Minimalist Shoes Review

Merrell Pure Glove Women’s Minimalist Shoes Review

Minimalist Shoes Review rated the Merrell Pure Glove for women as very stylish and sleek while still keeping with minimalist design. If you are gal who is adventurous, fashionable, comfort seeker or a combination of any of these, then you will surely adore the Merrell Pure Glove Women’s Athletic Shoes from the Merrell barefoot collection.

These shoes are designed specifically for women and would suit any type of lifestyle. Whether it is for everyday use or for outdoor activities, these all-terrain slip on shoes are the most appropriate footwear to choose.

The Merrell Pure Glove Women’s Athletic Shoes are must haves for any woman’s shoe collection. With its gorgeous style, optimum feet comfort and other numerous benefits, you will be amazed how these shoes can fit your feet like a pair of high quality gloves!

Merrell Pure Glove Barefoot Women’s


  • Merrell Pure Glove has a minimalist design while maintaining a feminine look and reducing bulk.
  • Room for the feet to move around even with its small and compact design.
  • It has a Vibram outsole providing maximum comfort and protection for the feet.
  • Made of Lycra, mesh and synthetic leather materials allowing proper foot breath-ability.
  • Easy hooks and loop straps that are simple to adjust ensuring secure and correct fit.
  • Comes in different stylish colours to choose from: black, lavender lustre, chilli pepper red, acacia yellow and orange.
  • Built with a non-removable microfiber insole for added comfort.
  • Treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution to keep the shoes fresh.

With all these attractive features, you may already be considering purchasing the Merrell Pure Glove Women’s Athletic Shoes. To help you with your decision, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pair of these shoes:
Finest Comfort – These shoes allow freedom for your feet with a roomy design.

Incorporates Vibram in the underfoot protecting your feet properly while maintaining flexibility for proper movement. This makes it suitable for any terrain especially for hard and rocky surfaces.

Almost Weight Less – Made from light materials, these shoes weigh like a feather. Less shoe contributing to the minimalist design.

Caters To Your Passion For Fashion – Various available colours for these shoes ensures you would still look fashionable. Moreover, since it is less bulky than other shoes, the design is appropriate for any woman’s style.

Easy Wear and Clean – Since it is designed to be a slip-on with adjustable straps, ensuring the proper fit is easy. Easy-to-wash materials makes cleaning a breeze.
Antimicrobial insole – Guarantees fresh smelling shoes every time.

Toenail Catching Seams – There have been some women who get their toenails caught in the seams if they do not use socks. This may be a hassle but would be a perfect excuse in getting your nails done frequently.

Cold and Wet – These shoes are intended more for the dry season since it gets wet easily. Since the materials are light, you can easy your mind about this because they are easy to dry.

Strap Issues – Initially, the straps may hurt when tightened too much. With a few easy adjustments, however, you will eventually get the right fit that would prevent any discomfort with the strap.

Customer Reviews:
I love this shoe. This is an alternative to the running shoe with toes. No new shoe blisters. Merrell Pure Glove is great for daily use, walking, and looks good enough to wear to work on casual Fridays. This is my second pair of the same shoe. Spoils you for anything else. I normally wear a size 10, but fit comfortably into a size 9.

  • If you have sensitive feet this is the shoe for you.I teach elementary school, which means I literally do not sit down the entire day at work. Nurses, hair stylists, waitstaff, teachers…we share this situation. These shoes are my go-to shoes. They feel comfortable even at 5:00 PM. Originally I bought them to wear with Correct Toes and to help strengthen my feet for minimalist running, which they have. However, I want to continue to wear them as a work shoe.

    My first pair was the lavender lustre color. It is not lavender – it is a nice shade of violet gray blue. Close to the color represented as lilac (S) 209 in the ISCC-NBS list. “Blue Lilac” would be a closer name. I have worn these forever, but the color is not exactly professional. So I am here to get a black pair.
    And BEST OF ALL, they are washable. I am not guaranteeing anything, but I washed mine when they got so funky it was either wash them or throw them away, and they came out wonderful. I dried them in a warm, open windowsill. REALLY washable,none of that smell like they did not QUITE dry enough inside, if you know what I mean. Washable and comfortable. Just what I need!

    As a woman in a corporate environment, these are now my go-to barefoots. It’s a challenge to make any kind of a barefoot shoe work with business casual attire, but these fit the bill. Even without the added benefit of being a barefoot shoe, they’re just plain cute. The mesh fabric on the sides of the shoes wipes clean, even from mud, and the leather toe and heel have resisted scuffing despite wear virtually every day.

    Merrell Pure Glove Minimalist Running Shoes Reviews: 4.5/5


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