Adidas Superstar

This is one of sneaker history’s most recognized shoe of all time

Adidas Superstar Slip On

This fashionable version of Adidas Superstar has adopted the slip on function instead of keeping the original laces, giving the iconic Superstar a slick and more minimal look. The Super Star Slip On is a welcomed contribution to the Adidas Superstar family that clearly breaks with tradition, yet keeping its most iconic feature – the shelltoe.

  • White (womens)
  • Black (womens)

Adidas Superstar Glossy Toe

This all-black beauty is as classy as they come (the Adidas Superstars), this is made by keeping it simple and sexy. The winning formula in this version of the Adidas Superstar has its emphasis on two factors in this shoe, the stylish all-black and the animalistic reference of its material. In other words, this is a clear statement of style.

Easy Mint / Black (womens)

Adidas Superstar Off White

This is a very elegant variation of the classic Adidas Superstar, a great alternative if looking for something recognizable (the model) yet, elegant variation (details, materials and color). This is a little more of a subtle choice of color in comparison to the original three black stripes on the sides. Instead, this shoe offers a beautiful on point color-contrast in its off-white and white coloring, sprinkled with silver metallic dots for that additional shine.

/ Legacy / Metallic Silver Solid

Adidas Superstar Ice Mint F16

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